a warranty as Unique as Your Custom Home

Our warranty program is here to give you peace of mind and the support you deserve.

Warranties that Protect You and Your Home

Our number one priority is ensuring that you are more than satisfied with every aspect of building with us - including your warranty options.

Every Heim Home Has a Warranty

And it’s not just any warranty, either. A home is a huge investment, we intend to help you protect it with a warranty that exceeds your expectations and gives you peace of mind.

We Handle the Logistics

It should never be your responsibility to work with manufacturers for product warranties in your new home. We take care of that for you, ensuring you get the best service possible.

We Won’t Disappear

Should anything go wrong, we’ll be there for you fast. Whether a problem arises or you’re interested in a new project for your home, we’re on it.

Our Quality Assurance Program

On top of your custom, comprehensive warranty, we have a 4-step process for ensuring your first year in your new home is smooth sailing.



We’ll give you everything you need to understand your new home, neighborhood, and warranty.


3-Month Check-In

3 months in, we’ll reach out make sure all of your needs are met and that you are satisfied with your new home.


6-Month Check-In

At 6 months, we’ll check in again to touch base and ensure your home is still in great condition.


12-Month Check-In

At the one-year mark, we’ll reach out again to ensure you’re still completely satisfied.

Questions About Warranties?

Reach out and let us know! We’re happy to tell you more about our warranties and quality assurance programs.

Want to reach out directly?

Give us a call or email us below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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